Creative Femme Society is a retail-lifestyle brand ran by three Dominican women entrepreneurs from uptown, NYC. The brand serves as a unique ecommerce social platform that hosts special events, workshops and campaign collaborations for creatives, artists and fashion enthusiast. They also use the platform as an opportunity to encourage creative confidence and cultural identification by selling luxuriously designed silk scarves, headwraps, and other versatile fashion expression pieces that are high quality, yet affordable and practical.
Their curated art prints collaborations are from the top local NYC artists, and they do this all with the intention to celebrate them, bring awareness to their work, inspire creativity, a sense of self-expression, feelings of empowerment, and togetherness in our beautiful customers and creative members of the C.F.S community. We’re a creative family... We don’t do cliques. 

Their pieces enhance any outfit, and style well for so many different occasions. They help you make bold fashion statements, while looking and feeling like royalty. The allow you to identify and reclaim your culture, while keeping the spiritual privilege of protecting your crown and energy. They offer superior customer service and product pick up site locations for VIP subscribers.

All Art & Photography Prints are curated exclusively by Creative Femme Society (C.F.S). -- JOIN THE COMMUNITY! 

The co-founders are not your average local girl gang. They're an all around goal-chasing, educated pack of sistas wolves that rep their Latina, New York-bred
style to the life of them. They vibrate high, exude self-love, confidence, and strong cultural values. They see this platform as a way to connect and celebrate a network of creatives that are empowering each other to live their highest self through fashion, the arts, and healthy self-loving practices and associations.


Euridicis Bonilla is a Mommy of two gorgeous dogs, an Entrepreneur, a Trader, and a freelance Event Manager/ Hospitality Consultant. She is extremely extroverted, hard-working and goes above and beyond in everything she does. She is that reliable friend that knows everyone and loves everyone. She’s owned businesses for over 10yrs and has had many entrepreneurial accomplishments under her belt. She is strong, smart, kind, empathic, and the life of the party. Her hobbies include arts & crafts, woodworking, and photography. To know her is to love her.

Pianca Pink Liriano is and a Dominican Latina from uptown, NYC. A mother of a beautiful young woman, a Serial Entrepreneur, Creative Strategist, and Digital Content Producer. She specializes in digital advertising & marketing, multimedia production, community management, revenue building strategies, and maximizing business opportunities within multicultural markets. Some of her clients include Sony Music, Delta Airlines, Avis, Bigspaceship, HBOgo, the NY Yankees and more. She loves fashion, facilitating business-related workshops, writing, performance art, filmmaking and designing everything fitness & wellness. Pianca is a wise, creative, intuitive, and a spiritually driven woman. Make her laugh, and you have her heart forever.  


Sandy Jaquez is a Mother of 3 beautiful souls, a registered nurse in a top NYC hospital in Northern Manhattan. She is also a freelance Stylist/ Creative Director who practices and encourages holistic healing and spiritual wellness in all that she does. She has spread her love, wisdom, fashion inphotos on her large and engaged platform on Instagram, where she has over 12k followers. Sandy is an intelligent, creative, sassy and a fashion butterfly that loves life, and it shows. Her crystals and organic oils are her way of life, along with her daily meditations and workouts. She’s a light healer by trade, and wonder woman by night.