about us

Creative Femme Society is a retail-lifestyle company ran by first-generation Dominican-American women that have a strong passion for cultivating a community of creatives through the arts, fashion, and creative expressions of cultural identification. 

The brand serves as a unique eCommerce social platform that hosts special events, workshops, and collaborations for creatives, artists, and fashion enthusiasts. They use the platform as a communication bridge between creative communities, and as an opportunity to encourage creative confidence by selling luxuriously designed silk scarves, headwraps, and other versatile fashion expression pieces that are high quality, yet affordable and practical.

The art they sell from collaborative partnerships with NYC local artists is always attached to the vested interest of donating to worthy non-profit organizations that add important services and value to underserved minority communities.  

CFS spends a lot of time choosing fabrics, colors, designs, and themes for their collections of silk scarves and headwraps. They aim to assist their customers in identifying and reclaiming regal culture while also keeping the spiritual privilege of protecting their crown and slaying all at the same time. 

Their pieces are unisex and enhance any outfit. They style well for many different occasions and make bold fashion statements while helping you look and feel like royalty. They offer superior customer service and product pick up site locations for art prints and private styling opportunities. 

Their intentions are to celebrate creatives of color, bring awareness to their work, inspire creativity, self-expression, and feelings of empowerment and togetherness amongst their customers and creative members of the C.F.S community. 

All Art & Photography Prints are curated exclusively by Creative Femme Society (CFS). 

CFS is where Fashion meets the Arts and have babies. lol

Join their creative family!

There are enough seats for everyone at the table to shine within the community. 


Euridicis Bonilla

is a Mommy of two gorgeous dogs, a Serial Entrepreneur, a Restaurant Managing Partner, and a freelance Event Manager/ Hospitality Consultant. She is extremely extroverted, hard-working and goes above and beyond in everything she does. She is that reliable friend that knows everyone and loves everyone. She’s owned businesses for over 10yrs and has had many entrepreneurial accomplishments under her belt. She is strong, smart, kind, empathic, and the life of the party. Her hobbies include arts & crafts, woodworking, and photography. To know her is to love her.

Sandy Jaquez

is a Mother of three beautiful souls, is a Registered Nurse at a top NYC Hospital in Northern Manhattan. She also a freelance Stylist/ Creative Director who practices and encourages holistic healing and spiritual wellness in all that she does. She has spread her love, wisdom, fashion photos on her large and engaged platform on Instagram, where she has over 12k followers. Sandy is an intelligent, creative, sassy and a fashion butterfly that loves life, and it shows. Her crystals and organic oils are her way of life, along with her daily meditations and workouts. She’s a light healer by trade, and wonder woman by night.

Pianca Pink Liriano

is a mother of one beautiful soul, a Serial Entrepreneur, Creative Strategist, and Multimedia Producer. She specializes in brand marketing and production, community development, revenue building and maximizing business opportunities within multicultural markets that have a focus on integrated approaches for strategy execution.  Some of her clients include Sony Music, Delta Airlines, Avis, Bigspaceship, HBOgo, NY Yankees and more. Pianca is a wise, creative, intuitive, and a spiritual woman. She loves performance art, filmmaking, dance, writing,  the arts and everything health & fitness. Make her laugh, and you have her heart forever.